Jody Madson
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"Tribal Traditions Quilt Banner"
This a sample of the Lakota Star Blankets made by the women of the Lakota Sioux. For more information go to

"Tribal Traditions Quilt Banner"

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Category: Originals
Media: Fabric
Framed: None
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Lakota Ladies
"Lakota Ladies"
Tribal Traditions Quilt Banner
"Tribal Traditions Quilt Banner"
Lakota Tatanka
"Lakota Tatanka"
Germaine in Lakota Star Blanket
"Germaine in Lakota Star Blanket"
Tribal Traditions Star Blankets
"Tribal Traditions Star Blankets"
Crazy Horse Head Stone in Nebraska
"Crazy Horse Head Stone in Nebraska"
Crazy Horse Monument in Nebraska
"Crazy Horse Monument in Nebraska"